Best Swaddle Blankets – 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Swaddle Blankets
Best Swaddle Blankets

Baby swaddling is an age-old practice that has been used by mothers of all cultural backgrounds, to keep babies feel safer and more settled, since the beginning of time. Wrapping your babies up in a sheet, or special “swaddle blanket”, will help them to sleep better, feel warmer, and-or generally experience more comfort on a day-to-day basis.

But which swaddle blankets come out on top?

Well — that’s what we’re here to help you understand!

By showing you the ins and outs of all the most popular swaddle blankets on the market right now, we hope to ease your decision-making process and point you in the direction of the best, most cost-effective products.

Here we go!

1. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 7-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Flannel Receiving Blankets

The first product, or dare we say a bunch of products, up for review is the “Simple Joys” 7-pack receiving blankets by Carter’s.

These swaddle blankets are made from 100% cotton and are available in a variety of bright colors and designs. The products are machine washable, and measure to be 0.7” high and 14” wide. These blankets are perfect for swaddling, but also for burping or general snuggling.

75% of Amazon customers have rated this product five stars. They have high praise for the blanket’s unique designs, quality fabric, and cost-effectiveness.

The biggest complaints on customers’ ends have to do with the size of the blankets which, to be fair, are clearly advertised on the product’s page. If you’re looking for blankets that can be wrapped around your child with excess fabric, you may want to go with another design.

These are light blankets – keep that in mind.

2. Miracle Blanket Swaddle Unisex Baby


The next product on my list is the Miracle Swaddle Blanket, which is also made from 100% cotton. The miracle blanket is advertised to help your newborn sleep within a matter of minutes, and for longer periods of time. Its unique triple patented arm flap design and length is also made to help keep babies on their back, and to prevent twitching and facial scratches. The miracle swaddle blanket is made specifically for babies fourteen weeks and under.

This product’s overall rating is four out of five stars on Amazon. Most parents agree that the blanket is, in fact, a “miracle product”, and that it helped their restless newborn finally achieve a good night’s sleep. Parents are also praising this product for helping them get the rest they deserve – which, as we know, is also crucial.

These blankets price may seem steep for one product – but it’s worth it, according to 70% of buyers.

3. Love To Dream Swaddle UP


The Love To Dream Swaddle UP is up next, and it’s pegged as a #1 Amazon best-seller. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

This item takes an interesting approach to the art of swaddling, one contested by many other manufacturers with competing products.

Unlike other swaddle blankets, which constrict a baby’s arms to their sides, the Love To Dream Swaddle UP is designed to let babies sleep in their “natural and preferred” position – with their arms up as if they were still in the womb. The Love To Dream team asserts that this feature allows babies to self-soothe; this is also achieved by allowing babies to touch their faces and suck not their hands. These things are not allowed by traditional swaddling blankets.

So what does this product actually do?

The Swaddle UP is made to make newborns feel calm and secure, imitating the sensations they would feel in the womb. The attached zipper also eases the challenge of diaper-changing.

This product is also priced at $30, with about 70% of customers rating it five stars.

Many moms are amazed at how the product has calmed their newborns and dramatically reduced their fussing. The 8% of customer reviews that were not as complimentary noted that the design simply didn’t fit their babies well. Many moms write that the swaddle is worth every dollar spent – one even calls it “the swaddle for babies who hate swaddles.”

4. Swaddle Blanket / Adjustable Infant Baby Wrap (Amazon’s Choice)


This swaddle blanket, or “adjustable infant baby wrap”, is hailed as a lifesaver for new parents by Amazon customers. It’s no surprise that this product has been labeled as an “Amazon’s Choice.”

The swaddle has a similar purpose to the others – it is advertised to create a womb-like sensation and prevent your newborn from unnecessarily squirming and fussing, especially throughout the night.

This product is made from 100% premium cotton, making it both soft and breathable. The blankets are pretty light, so the chances of your baby overheating are incredibly low. There are three (gender-neutral!) designs for you to choose from.

The swaddle has an adjustable sleep sack with soft, fabric wings that fasten securely with a hook and loop system. The product is ideal for babies that weigh between seven and fourteen pounds.

The average review, for this product, is four out of five stars on Amazon – although 68% of customers have still awarded it five stars.

Moms are praising the wrap for its size and fit – they’re also noting how stretchable they are, so the swaddle can “grow” along with their newborn. Other swaddles do not “give out” as easily, but this one perfectly fits babies of all sizes.

At just over $20, this blanket is also more affordable than the other top-rated products.


Swaddle blankets are loved, cherished, and praised by real moms across the globe. There are a wide variety of reliable manufacturers out there that put lots of time and thought into their products – and, believe us, they’re paying off.

Swaddles are the ideal products for fussy, restless newborn babies and their sleep-deprived parents who could really make do with a couple of solid nights of rest.

So why not give one of these products a try? Your newborn deserves a good night’s sleep… and so do you!