Moses Basket Bassinet – 6 Baby Moses Baskets You’ll Love!

Moses Basket Bassinet
Moses Basket Bassinet

What is a Moses Basket Bassinet?

A Moses basket is a very popular choice for your newborn’s first bed. They provide a small, confined, comfortable space for your newborn to sleep and rest.

Moses baskets are a popular choice because they are so small and portable (but not while your baby is in it of course!). It is a great size for a newborn, who might have too much space in a larger bed. It is also built specifically for a newborn’s needs, providing a firm surface and a fitted sheet.

Another part of a Moses basket’s appeal is that is just such a traditional, elegant piece of furniture. A nice, woven basket is the perfect first bed for your newborn. Many parents even use the basket for storing baby products after their baby outgrows it. It will provide you with a lovely memory even after your baby has long outgrown it.

However, one thing that can be stressful to new parents is there are just so many Moses baskets out there! A baby’s bed is one of the most important baby products you can buy, but how do you make sure you’ve made the right choice with all those options available?

We’re here to help. in this article, we’ll go over 6 Moses baskets that we think you will really love, so let’s get started on simplifying that decision: 

Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding Set

Here’s a great bassinet option with everything you need to have your newborn sleeping great (well, as great as can be expected). This Moses basket comes with a foam pad with a removable cover, a padded bumper, and a blanket. It is even made of woven palm leaf for that traditional look!

This is a great choice if you are looking for a package that has everything included. It can be a pain as a new parent to find out which sheets and which pads go with which bed. This Moses basket has you covered.

Baby Doll Pique Moses Basket

Your baby outgrows a Moses basket in about 3 to 4 months. So maybe you don’t want to splurge on a product that isn’t going to last you a very long time. This is understandable, but you of course still want something that works well for your baby.

This basket is a great option for the value-conscious consumer. It is still a very functional and elegant wicker basket, and it comes with a mattress, a bumper, and a fitted sheet. This is a great option at an even better value!

Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket with Hood

Here’s another excellent option. Like the above options, this basket comes with a removable, washable liner, and a mattress pad and sheet. Many consumers rave about this basket and how they feel secure being able to lay their baby so close to them while they both sleep.

What really sets this basket apart is its unique style and removable hood. The hood adds an extra formal touch on top of an already traditional-looking woven basket. It also comes in three different color options so you can choose the one that best suits your room.

Pali Designs Isabella Moses Basket

This Moses basket comes with all the bedding you need to get going.

However, the main draw of this basket is that it comes with a stand. This stand has wheels which are very handy for moving your Moses basket around the house without having to bend over all the time. It also gives your baby an elevated position to sleep which makes it easier to check on them. Just be sure that you never move the Moses basket while your baby is inside.

If the stand appeals to you, then this would be a great choice. The stand even comes in a variety of different colors.

Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Natural

Here’s a less traditional option. This bassinet isn’t in the usual basket style, but we think it looks pretty cool in its own right. It has everything your newborn needs to get a good night’s sleep, and the entire cover is removable and machine washable.

It also sports a removable hood if your baby wants to nap outside in some shade. And if your baby doesn’t feel like napping, it has a hanging bar with two plush toys to keep them entertained.

One really neat advantage of this basket is that it actually folds up and has straps that turn it into a backpack! This is the ultimate in portability if you’re a new parent on the go. Take your basket with you, and pack it up when you’re ready to go.

Rocking Moses Basket Stand

Here’s a bonus product if you want help getting your newborn to sleep! This is a great accessory for many Moses baskets.

This is a great product if you find that rocking your baby helps them sleep. You simply place your basket in this rocking stand and it becomes the perfect tool to help your baby sleep. Just be sure that your basket fits in the stand securely, and you are good to go.

You might find that this rocking stand makes life much easier for you, and makes sleep much easier for your newborn, a real win-win.


A Moses basket is a very popular choice for babies. Its traditional appeal is great, but many of them are highly functional and provide all the features your baby needs to have a great and safe night’s sleep. We are confident you will find an option within our buyer’s guide that not only looks great but gives your baby a great sleep as well. And when your baby has a great sleep, that means you will as well!