How to Feed Twins on a Schedule

“It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins. “ - Unknown Author

Congratulations! You have been blessed with twins. Double duty for feedings, diaper changes and much more.

One major balancing act you will need help with is feedings. How you will be able to feed both babies? This is where your partner comes in handy because you will a need extra hand or two.

We will discuss simple techniques on how to feed your twins on a schedule and more.

Golden Rule

Many experts will share advice on how to feed a baby such as the eight to twelve times a day in an average day. But not many discuss on how to prepare yourself for twin feedings in these averages.

The Golden rule for twin moms is when one baby wakes up to eat, you must wake up the other baby to eat. Don’t let one sleep while the other is feeding.

Having two separate schedules will be very difficult to manage. You need both babies on the same sleep schedule at all times.

Always try to keep both babies on the same feeding schedule too. If your partner is able to help, have him/her feed the other baby. Try to burp babies together too.

Nursing or bottle-feeding, both may be a very challenging learning curve especially when you are sleep deprived. You may need your partner to help with the babies if you are still recovering from delivery. Make sure to discuss options together.

What Every Twin Mom Needs

Many new moms of twins like to use a U-shaped pillow to help them support the babies while feeding. A firm support that can be used by breast-fed and/or bottle-fed babies.

There are many different versions of nursing pillows on the market today. Most come with a safety latch to keep the nursing pillow in place against your body. Many new moms learn quickly how to handle both babies while using these nursing pillow supports.

Some new moms also like to use the bed pillows they already have. They sit upright in a bed and place the pillows on both sides of their body so both the babies are able to nurse propped-up under the armpits. This technique is known as the double football hold position. Another option is to hold one baby in a traditional cradle hold while the other baby is nurses in the football hold position.

Using any body pillow or bed pillow will be helpful whenever you nurse your babies so you won’t strain yourself with the babies’ weight. You want to establish a comfortable routine of feedings while also having the proper support for your babies. Position your body correctly when feeding both babies side by side. Proper positioning can prevent any backaches or posture issues in the future too.

Burp Your Babies Properly

Many experts stress the importance of burping your baby. It’s common knowledge that a baby needs to be burped after being fed but have you ever heard of pre-burping a baby? We didn’t until we did our research.

Pre-burping is when you take “at least two minutes before you feed your baby to help express any gassy issues or common spitting-up issues a newborn often has for the first thirty days. If you start without any gas in the stomach, your baby will be able to have a good feed and get the gas out at the end. Your baby will be more comfortable and be more likely be happy and content on their own.” added Altmann.

If double duty for parents of twins was not enough. After both babies have been fed, it’s very important to properly burp them and keep them upright. The twins need time to digest their milk. Your little angels will need to express the air after feedings and before you put them down in order to avoid the possibility of spit up, gagging and/or the waking of two screaming babies in an hour or so.

Newborns usually stay awake for a short time. No more than two hours at a time. The best time to cuddle and interact with them. But before the play time, you should burp them properly.

There are several techniques to try. Try them all before deciding which is best for your babies.

Simple Techniques to Try:

  • Over-the-shoulder burp – tightly place your baby high on your chest so their chin is resting on your shoulder and their tummy is firmly on your chest. Gently rub or pat until he burps.
  • Face down on your lap – gently place your baby across your lap face down and gently pat and rub until he burps. Be sure the baby has air flow when face down.
  • Baby exercise – place your baby on their back with a soft blanket and gently move your baby’s legs up and around in a circular motion in each direction.
  • Circle
    Sitting posture – place your baby in your lap in an upright position with their head to the side. Place one hand on the head for support, avoiding holding the neck and the other hand on his back. Gently move the baby in a small, circular motion to the left for a little while then to the right for a bit. You will get a good hearty burp.

Additional Thoughts

Many new moms will attest to having what’s known as “mommy-brain”. This is when you find it difficult to remember things once you have a baby. It is real. Don’t worry! You are not alone. Most new moms have this in common. For this reason alone, we suggest you write everything down.

Important things to recall:

  • What time was last feeding?
  • What time did I last change the wet/poop diaper?
  • When did I give my babies a bath?
  • Circle
    When did I last pump?
  • Circle
    When did I last eat/drink?
  • Circle
    When did I last take a shower?
  • Circle
    How long did my babies sleep?
  • Circle
    How long did my babies feed?

These are just a few suggestions to keep handy. When you are sleep deprived and don’t remember what day it is, a simple log of notes will help you during the times of cloudiness.


Having twins a is blessing that requires double the work but also double the fun. Follow the Golden rule and it will build a strong foundation for future feedings and sleep habits. Make sure to purchase a sturdy body pillow to help with nursing or bottle-feedings.

Burping your twins before and after feedings is important to prevent any gas issues. Try the different techniques of burping and find one that’s best for your angels. Also, find time to jot down information and the routine will follow. 

Now it’s time to enjoy the double giggles and grins of those precious twins.