How to Choose a Baby Monitor

Baby monitor with camera and accessories on table in room

Being a new mom is excellent, but even the tiny details like worrying about your sleeping newborn matter. This is why baby monitors are there to update you about your baby from a distance. So you can tell when they’re awake, crying, and need your attention.

 Let’s jump in and find out what you need to look for when choosing the best baby monitor.

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

There are various baby monitors on the market. Still, it’s crucial to go for cool features that will make monitoring easy such as adjustable camera angles, infant optics, and other extra features that include:

Video monitors vs. Audio Monitors

All baby monitors have an audio feature, but some lack the video feature. Audio models will only help you hear a baby’s noise or cries, but you can check on the baby without walking in their crib with a video monitor. You can quickly tell if there are crying in their sleep, which may prevent you from getting them too early than they should be.

Most babies tend to make noises or tiny cries for a while but continue sleeping. With a video monitor, you can tell the difference between a fully woken baby or one who is just dreaming. So, ensure you check for an affordable video baby monitor that will make your daily life being a parent better and more manageable.

Night Vision

When putting your infant to sleep at night, you may use night light which is usually dim. So when buying a video monitor, ensure you go for the latest technology rather than an outdated display technology that may not be reliable and clear for infrared night vision.

But an HD video baby monitor is perfect, reliable, and has high-quality night vision even with dim lights. This is because it uses a liquid crystal display just like your smartphone, which means that they have high resolution and high-quality displays.

Additional Cameras

It’s always a struggle to keep moving your baby camera from one place to another. It would help if you went for a monitor with excellent features like additional cameras. This way, you can set up the other cameras to where you want to avoid instances where your baby may demand to be held when you go checking upon them.

Temperature Sensors & Humidity Sensors

It’s crucial to ensure your baby’s room has the proper humidity and temperature between 68-72°. But can you keep track of this? It can be tricky due to your baby nursery’s many in and out movements. However, you can use a digital monitor with a temperature monitoring feature to minimize your worries. It will help keep tabs and adjust to the right temperature if necessary.

Rechargeable vs. Batteries

You must consider how to power your baby monitor as there are different ways you can do this depending on the type of baby monitor. Some you need a plugin, others have docks to recharge the monitor and receiver, and others use batteries.

For rechargeable batteries, it’s best to check the baby monitor reviews to ensure the batteries don’t wear out quickly and have good battery life, as it’s the biggest complaint. With this in mind and depending on your preference, it will minimize the confusion when choosing your parental monitor.

DECT vs. Radio Signal vs. Wireless Network 

The baby unit can run through some basic systems, and you should consider which one is best for you. These include:

Dect(Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) is an encrypted system that prevents outsiders or neighbors from hearing noise from your home. It also makes it impossible to find the signal, preventing people from tapping into your monitors. In addition, the sound clarity in DECT monitors is the best compared to other systems.

Radiofrequency: Like Bluetooth or cordless phones, most baby monitors use a frequency band like 2.4 GHz band, meaning that if there’s a slight interference, you may fail to get a clear and quality sound. You can always check the available frequencies and choose a clear channel to overcome this challenge. This is unless you prefer to go for this particular option.

Wireless network and WiFi cameras: If you prefer connecting your baby monitor with your tablet, personal computer, or smartphone, then a wireless option is the best. A wireless network operating system helps you access your baby monitor audio and video clips through a wireless network internet connection.

In addition, if you’re away from the house, you can stream live all your baby’s movements through the wife’s camera right to your smart phone in real time. So if you opt for this option, ensure there is an HD WiFi camera, good internet speed, and reliable signal for better smartphone access.

Mother monitoring sleeping baby through baby monitor

User-friendly Features

It’s easier to go for a budget-friendly unit with fancy features, and it’s another thing trying to navigate the menu. Well, it’s best to purchase what you can manage to use and customize. Some expensive models have high usability, meaning it will take you a period trying to figure out how to change the settings.

Safety Issues

As you choose your baby monitor device, ensure you first consider your child’s safety. You must ensure some essential safety tips that may not endanger your child. You could do this by securing the cables around your baby’s cribs, keeping the camera out of reach, and having access to water to prevent electrical shock. Also, movement monitoring systems like a monitor with heart rate units are a nice feature as it gives peace of mind for parents worried about their little ones sleeping in different rooms.

 Benefits of Baby Monitors

Investing in a modern WiFi monitor is a smart move. Whether its an audio-only monitor or video model, you can benefit through:

  • There is a two-way communication
  • You can analyze your child sleeping patterns and sleep trends
  • There’s remote access on several devices
  • It makes it possible for parents to monitor their baby from a distance


A quality baby monitor system makes all the difference and gives you peace of mind to monitor your baby. You can do this through an android device like your smartphone. The above features help you choose a baby monitor that can meet all your needs. In addition, investing in smart baby monitors such as Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor adds confidence to parents as they have great features.