Girls Nursery Decoration Ideas and Tips: 4 Big Things I Wish I’d Known

Girls Nursery Decoration Ideas and Tips
Girls Nursery Decoration Ideas and Tips

Decorating a girl’s nursery is no easy task.

There are so many decisions for you and/or your partner to make when it comes to getting one ready, and there are a slew of products online and available to make your experience a lot easier.

What’s key is knowing which advice to take.

That’s why I’m giving you a definitive list of ideas, tips, and tricks – including some top-reviewed products – to help you in your journey of curating the perfect nursery for your baby daughter.

Here are some things I wish I’d known before decorating my baby daughter’s nursery. As you inch closer and closer to that impending due date, let us take some of the weight off your shoulders and point you in all the right directions.

1. Darkness and Lighting Should Be at the Forefront of Your Mind When Designing Your Nursery


First of all, babies sleep at all times of the day.

Your nursery’s lighting should be able to imitate nighttime at any time of the day. There are a number of ways you could go about creating this. Blackout shades are very popular products for nurseries – they can help you trick your baby into thinking it’s dark, even on the sunniest and brightest of days.

As for night lighting, “nightlights” can be purchased at most hardware stores. If you’re looking for something a little more unorthodox, try checking out some of Amazon’s highest-reviewed products.

The Unicorn Gifts For Girls / Star Night Light Projector Toys for Kids is a great creative nightlight option. This product projects starry skies and various animal patters onto your nursery ceiling. Your baby will grow to be curious about the world and all of the animals that live in it. A variety of colors, images, and lights are included in this fun toy.

2. Decorate Your Nursery With Items Made by Family and Friends With Special Significance

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what kind of art (or general decor) to put in your nursery, why not try asking friends and family for items as starting points?

Having a bunch of photos and objects from friends and family will mean a lot more to you, and to your newborn than any decor money can buy.

That’s something I wish I’d been told before embarking on the (daunting!) journey of decorating my baby girl’s nursery. Some of my favorite decor items are DIY, sourced meaningfully from the closest people in my life. It made the new nursery feel a lot more like home.

3. Position Everything Close to the Changing Table

Wipes. Covers. Diapers. Hampers. Towels and cloths. Pacifiers and other toys. You name it.

Remember that when you’re changing your baby’s diaper, you’re going to want things as close as possible to your changing table. Having everything in close distance minimizes the chances of “explosive” accidents getting worse – or at least cleaned up a lot less quickly.

You might want to consider designing your nursery around your changing table – for practicality’s sake, mostly.

If you’re looking into purchasing a changing table with built-in shelves, we would highly recommend this Amazon’s Choice product.

The Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad is a great nursery-friendly product that includes safety rails, shelves, non-toxic elements, and a water-resistant changing pad with a safety strap.

It looks great and works even better. This product is ideal for nursery builders – I’d even say a must-have.

4. Try a Crib Canopy or Mobile for That Extra Something Special

Want the scoop on one of my all-time favorite nursery decor items?

Two words: Crib canopies.

So what are they?

Crib canopies are mesh nets that are designed to hang from the top of your ceiling right down to all sides of your crib. They provide a perfect, feminine design for any baby girl’s nursery.

Nomad Nets Crib Canopy For Girls Bed

If you’re looking for a top product for purchase, take a look at the Nomad Nets Crib Canopy For Girls Bed.

This gorgeous, nicely-decorated canopy works well for cribs. What’s more, once your daughter gets older, you can transfer the canopy to her first big girl’s bed. As advertised, this product fits all cribs and beds! This will allow you to maximize its usage. You’ll be able to keep the Nomad Nets Crib Canopy around for a long time – and get your little girl adjusted to her first bed while still being surrounded by that familiar (not to mention beautiful!) net of comfort.

There is also a nice variety of Mobiles available for purchase.

Some of the nicest designs for baby girls include:

1. The Nordic Nursery Wooden Peal Baby Girl Mobile

2. The Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile Crib Mobile Musical Mobile

3. The Dremisland Double Circle White Feather Dream Catcher with Mobile LED Fairy Lights

Of course, as an alternative to a paid crib canopy, why not create your own DIY mobile? There are a variety of instructional videos available on YouTube, or on competing video sites, that are designed to help you construct the ideal mobile from scratch.

I know first hand how daunting designing and decorating a baby girl’s nursery can be.

When all else fails, remember that your daughter won’t be too judgmental straight out of the womb. Remember that it’s important to have fun in the process, to experiment and not to stress yourself out too hard – or to work laboriously before your due date. You can do it!