Delta Baby Bassinet Review

Delta Baby Bassinet Review

Your baby needs a safe and comfortable place to rest. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) state that young infants from 0-4 months need to rest in a bassinet so they can grow correctly.

Because of this, a baby bassinet is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy for your newborn. Fortunately, the Delta Baby Bassinet is a recommended by both the CPSC and the ASTM.

It has comfortable padding and a durable outer covering to help your baby sleep peacefully. Read this review to see why this bassinet is the standard for infant care according to consumers and other verified review sites.

Review: Delta Baby Bassinet

Technical Specs:

  • Designed for babies up to 15 lbs
  • Storage Basket
  • Soothing music and calming nightlight
  • Relaxing sleeping area
  • Dimensions: 35" x 17" x 14"


The Delta Baby Bassinet is one of the most useful baby bassinets on the market. It features a lightweight frame that's made of stainless steel. You can buy this bassinet today on Amazon at a price about $53.

Parents like the canopy that's placed on the top of the bassinet. Like a shade, it prevents the sun from reaching your baby's eyes. Too much sunlight can distract your baby and stop them from sleeping. Buy this product if you want to ensure that your baby can get the rest he/she deserves.

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The bassinet comes with a machine washable fabric that takes only 30 minutes to fully clean. This gives you the benefit of an easier cleanup and convenience. It has a comfortable and lightweight frame that increases its portability while the locking mechanisms help mothers transport the bassinet around the house.

Plus, the device has a good weight capacity. Cheaper bassinets are only able to hold babies up to 10 pounds. However, the Delta Baby Bassinet can hold babies up to 15 pounds. No matter your baby's size, this bassinet supports them without failure.

One thing shoppers noticed about the bassinet is its calming nightlight. Besides, it features a multiple calming vibration setting that helps your baby rest faster. And, there's a music player that keeps them entertained. This is a versatile bassinet that your child will adore.

Parents can store their infant's favorite toys, snacks, and other entertaining devices its storage feature. It's a two-section basket that's placed under the bassinet. Use the storage to keep all of your baby's favorite belongings in one central area.

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There were a few consumer complaints across the board in regards to the bassinet's mattress. They reported that it was not soft or sturdy enough to fully protect their infant. If your child is uncomfortable, buy a memory foam pad or replace the mattress.

For its price, the Delta Baby Bassinet provides value, safety, and a myriad of features to keep your infant at ease when its bedtime. It has a has a storage system, an adjustable canopy, and a sturdy, yet compact exterior. Get this bassinet today if you want your baby to rest without any issues.

Buying Advice

Are you still trying to determine what baby bassinet is the perfect one for your baby?

Here are a few tips to help you get the right bassinet that will aid in your infant's sleeping efforts.


Some baby bassinets can change into a cradle. This works by retracting the wheels and using the quick release latch for the unit to rock back and forth gently. Other baby bassinets simply glide back and forth while the wheels stay in place (batteries required).

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Whichever one you buy, make sure that its movement speed is safe for your baby. You don't want to spend money on a bassinet that's too fast. It will cause for your baby to swing uncontrollably and expose it to damage. Get a bassinet with an adjustable speed to keep your infant safe.

Light, Sound Effects, And Vibration

Most high-end baby bassinets have all three of these features. The bassinets have a relaxing and soothing music that can be controlled via remote, switch, or a remote. They can also have a soft light that you can use to check on your baby without disturbing their sleep.

While these are all interesting features, understand that all of them will drain your bassinet's battery power. You might find yourself having to replace them often depending on the model and the usage. Get a few extra batteries if you're planning on using these features more than 4 times a week.


Some bassinets come with a built-in canopy. The canopy blocks the sun from reaching your infant's face. An excessive amount of sunlight will prevent them from sleeping and potentially blind them. Having a canopy is essential if you and your baby live in warm or hot climates.

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Since most users tend to have their bassinet in the bedroom, a canopy is one of the best features for your infant. For instance, if you want to read a book at night while having the light on, a canopy helps your child rest while you get to enjoy reading your book quietly.


Having a baby mobile is a great addition to your baby bassinet or crib. They are a classic item that provides entertainment and visual stimulation for your infant. When buying a mobile, make sure that it's specialized for the bassinet instead of an aftermarket one.

Aftermarket mobiles are less stable and can break by accident. Save up extra money to invest in a high-quality bassinet to ensure that your baby has a myriad of toys to play with while you're not there.


The Delta Children Bassinet is a worth your money and is a great addition to the household. Your baby will be able to sleep without any interference due to its soft padding and canopy placed on top of the device. Purchase this bassinet today If you want your infant to get the best sleeping experience.

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