Crib Mattress Reviews for 2020: Our 6 Favorites!

Crib Mattress Reviews
Crib Mattress Reviews

Today, we’re here counting down our 6 favorite crib mattress reviews in the year 2020.

Got a toddler on the way? Need the perfect bedding for your little one’s brand new crib? You needn’t look any further than this post.

Here are Amazon’s top crib mattresses – their material make-ups, ins and outs, features, and just about everything else you’d want to know.

1. Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box – GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Non-Toxic, Breathable, Removable Washable Water Resistant Outer Cover

This Amazon’s Choice product is designed to fit any crib in any nursery. The mattress is made from polyurethane foam and its outer cover is completely water-resistant, removable, and hand-washable.

The mattress is 52 inches long, 27.6 inches wide, and up to 5 inches high with a weight of 7 pounds. The product is specially designed with an ideal firmness for any young child’s safety and comfort.

It’s no wonder that this product is an Amazon’s Choice – moms are absolutely raving about it. They say it’s the perfect fit for their child’s crib… not to mention it’s helped put many a rambunctious young one to sleep.

This product is undoubtedly one to look out for.

2. Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress, White

The Dream On Me Playard Mattress in White is another Amazon Best Seller – in fact, it’s been rated #1 in the “Portable Crib Mattresses” category.

This mattress’s material make-up is 90% foam and 10% vinyl. It’s made for children at a minimum of six months of age. The mattress’s antibacterial and waterproof lock-stitched binding prevents mold and various odors from seeping into the fabric. It’s also worth mentioning that the Dream On Me mattress passes all flammability, phthalate, lead, and toxicity tests.

There is a 30-day warranty on this product.

73% of users have rated this product five stars, noting that it is helped their 5-8-month-olds sleep soundly.

3. Official Amazon Exclusive NapYou Dual Comfort Crib Mattress

This NapYou mattress is another incredibly high rated product. With its two distinct sides – firm for a baby’s infancy and softer for its toddler years – the product is the perfect versatile mattress for any newborn. It’s got a waterproof cover made with 100% organic cotton, and it also fits most standard cribs (and toddler beds!). Its dimensions are  52 x 27 1/2 x 5.5 inches.

A whopping 84% of all buyers have rated this product five stars. Parents praise the mattress for being the perfect hardness or softness on both ends for their newborn-growing-into-toddler.

This mattress is a little pricier than the others with its total cost surpassing $100, but when you keep in mind that you’re basically getting a two-for-one deal… it’s not so bad.

4. Dourxi Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress, Dual Sided Sleep System, Firm Side for Infants and Plush Soft Side for Toddlers, Breathable Foam Baby Mattress with Removable Cover

Just like the NapYou product, this mattress has two sides with different textures: a firmer one for infants and a softer for toddlers. The mattress measures 52 x 27½ x 5.5 inches to also fit any standard crib and toddler bed. The Dourxi product is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that your baby’s sleeping environment is as healthy as possible. The mattress is phthalate-free and passes federal flammability tests. It’s also GreenGuard certified.

Another bonus to the Dourxi Crib Mattress is that it comes with a 60-day refund and a ten-year warranty. Many of these products do not have anything similar. If being able to return a product (and/or possibly get a refund) is of importance to you, that’s something you should be looking into here.

This product also has a stellar track record among mothers, many of whom claim that their restless babies have much better sleeps after trying it out. The difference is noticeable after only one night. That’s a pretty impressive feat for a mattress.

5. Milliard Hypoallergenic Baby Crib Mattress or Toddler Bed Mattress with Waterproof Cover

The Milliard baby crib mattress is 100% hypoallergenic with a waterproof cover. This product is made from a unique blend of foam – it is both comfortable and firm, and of impeccable quality.

The mattress cover is waterproof on its top and sides, however, heat and air are still able to circulate via its bottom. Its backside, as advertised, is made of flame-resistant materials with no excess chemicals.

The Milliard product is also CertiPUR-US certified, measuring 52″ x 27.5″ x 4.75”.

74% of buyers rated this product five stars, but several of the lower-rated reviews note their experiences with the mattress disintegrating. One must be careful with the waterproof elements of the mattress and how, exactly, they should be put to the test, before buying.

6. My First Crib Mattress, Breathable Memory Foam Crib Mattress with Removable Protective Waterproof Cover, Plush, and Hypoallergenic

This last mattress is made of CertiPUR-US certified flexible polyurethane foam. It’s also got a removable waterproof mattress cover that is fully PVC free and machine washable.

The product is advertised to have met (and exceeded) CPSC and federal flammability standards. It’s lead and phthalate-free, and mite-proof. The mattress is said to fit most makes and models of baby cribs – although, when closely examining the reviews, several critics note that the mattress was too small for the “standard” crib that they had purchased.

This product fits all the standards of a top crib mattress, and most testimonials from new moms are raving about the mattress’s quality, texture, and firm comfortability.


With these top six mattress designs, you can’t really go wrong. They can all be ordered off of Amazon to come straight to your front door in a matter of days! No matter which you select, these products are bound to give your newborn a happier, healthier crib sleep.