Best Baby Monitor Under $100 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

Baby monitor with baby's image on table

Every mom feels a compelling need to keep a watchful eye on their baby. This innate nature comes from the bond between a mother and her child and the need to protect them. One of the best ways to check in on your baby is to use a baby monitor.

These are devices that transmit audio and visual feedback letting you know about your baby’s condition and safety. If you are looking for an affordable baby monitor that offers the best features then you are in the right place. This review looks at some of the best baby monitors under $100 available today. 

Best Baby Monitor Under $100 Reviews

ANMEATE 2.4 GHz Digital Baby Monitor

Out of all the products we checked out, this is by far the best baby monitor when it comes to handy features. Not only can you tilt the camera at various angles for optimal viewing, but you can also pair it with more cameras for a 360-degree surround-view of your baby. 


This device comes with a 2.4-inch LCD screen that has a high resolution for clear videos. In addition, you can zoom in up to two times for a closer view. The camera is surrounded by eight infrared lights that enhance visibility at night so you never have to leave the lights on in your baby’s room. 

Temperature monitoring is another inbuilt feature of this unit that lets you know when it’s time to adjust your thermostat. 

The two-way audio transmission is an excellent addition to help you soothe your baby. Additionally, it comes with four preset lullabies and melodies to help you calm your child and lull them to sleep. 

Its long range of 480 to 960 feet will let you roam your house freely while staying connected and in view of your baby. 

For those who would like different viewing angles, this monitor can pair with up to four more monitors to give you a wider viewing angle. To change the viewing camera, simply press the ‘OK’ button on your device. The cameras can also be tilted up to 60 degrees to allow you to adjust them to the optimal viewing position. 

You will find the timer setting feature helpful if you need to set an alarm, say for feeding your baby. The beauty of it is that the baby unit will not make any noise.

ANMEATE has also invested in the security features of this baby monitor. It transmits the live videos through a wireless 2.4GHz channel that uses FHSS technology to keep out prying eyes. 

However, it would be great if ANMEATE worked on installing backlit buttons on future devices for easier use. The unit also tends to have a lot of static noise even when the volume is low.


  • Can connect with up to 4 cameras
  • Transmits up to 960 feet
  • Comes with an alarm setting
  • Has an infrared vision for nighttime
  • Transmits over a secure channel


  • Buttons are not backlit for easy use in the dark
  • Loud static noise

VTech VM819 Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a baby monitor that offers long-range, this is the right product for you. It has the capacity to relay information for up to 1000 feet. And that’s not all; you also get a battery life of 19 hours on a single charge when streaming video. 


The Vtech VM819 is a dependable unit that is a product of a company that has been in the business for more than 30  years. This monitor allows you to go about your business of the day without worrying how far you are from the room your baby is resting in. 

But the range isn’t all it offers. It comes with lullabies to soothe and gently lull your baby to sleep using various ambient sounds and melodies. You can also talk through the monitor to calm your baby. 

The 2.8-inch LCD screen gives you a full-body display of your baby so that you are aware of their movements and sleeping position at all times. Moreover, you can zoom up to two times closer for a better view. 

This monitor comes with a long battery life of 19 hours that can be further improved using its auto-on feature. The feature allows the device to keep monitoring your baby with the sound muted and the screen turned off to save on power. However, do not be worried as it will detect any sounds your baby makes and immediately unmute your audio and turn your screen back on.

Vtech has also designed this monitor to be secure and offer privacy so that you are the only one who sees and hears your child. It accomplishes this using a secure 2.4GHz transmission channel.

You’ll be pleased to know that the monitor includes a temperature sensor that alerts you when it’s time to readjust the thermostat.

Lastly, this product is easy to use and you can set it up quickly straight from the box. There are no connections or extra settings required. Moreover, it can be placed on a desk or countertop or even mounted on the wall. 

The main downside of this product is that it comes with blinking lights on both the camera and the receiver. These flashing lights can upset your baby as they try to sleep at night. 


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Has an inbuilt temperature sensor
  • Long-range of up to 1000 feet
  • Very secure and private
  • Long battery life


  • Annoying flashing lights

Nooie Baby Monitor

For the tech-savvy moms who would like to capture videos of their baby in high-quality resolution and store them on the cloud, the Nooie Baby Monitor offers just that. This monitor can be connected to your phone and comes with an app that allows you to share your videos with your friends and family. Furthermore, it can record videos in 1080p Full HD and offers two storage options: micro SD cards and a connection to your cloud storage.


One of the top features of the Nooie baby monitor is its infra-red LEDs. These allow you to see clear videos of your baby at night without straining. The 1080p streaming capability also adds to the clarity of the videos. 

The smart system of the Nooie baby monitor also comes with smart motion and audio detection. This means that the recording can be paused until the baby starts moving or noise is detected. In addition to the video recording resuming, you will also be notified on your phone. 

Another tech feature of the unit is how it works with Alexa. This lets you use voice commands to connect to the monitor and see your baby.

This device also comes with a two-way audio system equipped with clear speakers and noise-canceling microphones. You can therefore talk to your baby and calm them if they are distressed. 

The app connected to the camera allows you to live stream and share your videos with your family and friends. 

Its connection to cloud storage removes limitations on how much data you can store and links you to platforms where you can keep your baby’s videos safe and retrievable even in the future. Alternatively, you can opt to use a micro SD card for storage. It supports memory cards of 4 to 128 GB. 

You will find this product easy to install and use once you unpack it. Despite all these great features, the app sometimes lags and takes time to respond. 


  • Easy to mount and install
  • Records in 1080p Full HD
  • Infrared LEDs for improved night visibility
  • Connects with your phone
  • Allows sharing
  • Works with voice command using Alexa


  • The app lags at times

The GoodBaby Version 2 Baby Monitor

This baby monitor offers a lot of features similar to the ANMEATE 2.4 GHz baby monitor. It comes with an alarm feature, infrared night visibility, a 2.4-inch screen, and can be expanded to up to four cameras. In addition to these features, it’s great when it comes to running time. It can operate for eight hours on video and up to 12 hours when put on power-saving mode.


Let’s begin by looking at the audio-visual capabilities of this device. The unit comes with sound level control that has five levels. You can put on a high volume when going to sleep so that you hear even a low cough coming from your baby. The lower volume options are great for other activities, for example, when you are reading. 

In terms of visual transmission, the video feedback is clear and you get infrared technology for improved night visibility. The transmission also happens over a long range of up to 960 feet. You can improve your viewing angles by getting more cameras. GoodBaby monitors can interconnect with up to four cameras. 

Other features that have been included are the temperature sensors and the alarm function that notifies you when you need to attend to your baby. 

If you want to save power for longer use, you can turn on the audio-only mode which will save 50% of your battery. 

Your baby’s safety is improved through its secure transmission.

While this monitor has its upsides, it comes with a few disadvantages such as the lack of rotation. It’s also too sensitive during eco mode and will alert you even when there is no noise made. 


  • Night visibility
  • Better volume control
  • Lasts for up to 12 hours
  • Temperature sensors
  • No distracting lights on the camera


  • Too sensitive in eco mode
  • Doesn’t rotate

HelloBaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has the biggest screen out of the five we’ve reviewed. It comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen that transmits using digital encryption to ensure your videos are safe and protected from unwanted viewing. Another extra feature that’s unique to this monitor is its ability to rotate both vertically and horizontally. 


First, this unit is one of the easiest and most convenient when it comes to setting up a baby monitor. You just plug it in and play. The parent unit houses a rechargeable battery, saving you the need to buy Lithium batteries. 

The HB65 monitor is an ideal choice for modern parents who want a reliable baby monitor. Its viewing capabilities can be expanded by including up to four cameras giving you full room coverage. Moreover, each camera is movable and can be rotated up to 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. The rotation is done remotely so you don’t have to do it in person.

The device also includes infrared night vision that relays clear video for up to 15 feet away in the darkness. You can also activate the VOX mode that turns off your screen and relays audio. This saves battery power by 50% allowing the parent unit to last longer for up to 12 hours. 

The screen also has a temperature display and notifies when there is a change in temperature. 

You can use the eight lullabies that come preset to soothe your baby or simply use the two-way audio to calm them and talk to them. 

Although the HelloBaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor offers lots of top features, you’ll have to pay a bit more compared to other monitors. However, it is still below $100 and it gives excellent value for money.


  • Room temperature sensor
  • Bigger 3.2-inch screen 
  • Rotates vertically and horizontally
  • Auto-night vision
  • Comes with 8 lullabies
  • Can be expanded to include up to 4 cameras


  • A bit pricey

Final Verdict

A baby monitor can give you peace of mind as you work from home, sleep, or simply attend to house chores knowing that your baby is never far from view. From our list, the ANMEATE Digital Baby Monitor is hands down our top choice when it comes to value for money. It is secure, offers high-resolution videos, and can be paired with four more cameras for multi-angle viewing. 

The only product that rivals ANMEATE in this list is the GoodBaby Version 2 Baby Monitor as it comes with similar features. The Nooie Baby Monitor is an excellent choice if you want Full HD video recordings. Lastly, for those willing to pay more (but still under $100) for better quality, the HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor is your best option.