Best Baby Changing Table

Happy mother changing the diaper of her newborn son at home on a changing table

The best thing you can buy for yourself and your baby is a table where you can safely change your baby’s diaper. This piece of furniture will make your life much easier for a quick change or even getting dressed after a nice bath.

Take a look at this list of the best changing tables for babies we created to improve the experience you have with your baby. We will investigate what these tables offer and how they can make changing your baby more fun.

These neat and handy tables might give you endless fun for the first year of your baby’s life. We will now explore some options.

Best Baby Changing Table Reviews

Portable Baby Changing Table From EGREE

The comfort and safety of your baby are what the manufacturer was thinking about when they designed and constructed this changing table. This hands-free routine to change your baby is what any parent needs while spending this essential time with your baby.


For those who do not have a baby room, you need to have something that can be mobile to use wherever you can. When you master the assembling of this changing table, it will be easy to have it ready in a few minutes.

There is a lot of storage space available to place the necessary accessories, like diapers and lotion, when changing your baby. You can also easily adjust the height of this table to make it easier on your back while changing your baby.

It is made from solid and durable material to make it strong enough to keep your baby safe and hold everything else. The skin-friendly materials used for this tabletop are safe to use with your baby’s sensitive skin.

To further improve the safety of your baby, a safety belt is added to secure your baby on top of the table. The lockable wheels will keep the changing table secure in one place so it will not move around while you change your baby.

You have a pretty steep learning curve assembling this baby changing table to have it ready for use. The instruction manual is also a bit unclear and might cause problems for those who are not technically inclined to assemble it.

There is a strong smell emanating from the changing table and inside the package when you open it up for the first time. You may want to freshen it by leaving it in fresh air for a day or two, or you can simply wash it.

Regardless of those not-so-good things, this table is a good option for people who move around a lot and need a portable table.


  • It has a mobile design for easy relocation
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • You have two colors to choose from
  • A lot of storage space is added to the table


  • The instruction coming with this changing table is a bit vague
  • It has a bad smell for the first few days

Infant Changing Table With Pad From Delta Children

This company has many years of experience in manufacturing baby furniture, which can be seen in its products. That is why they are trusted by millions of parents worldwide to keep their babies safe and comfortable.


With the double shelf option for extra storage, you will not have a problem finding space for all your baby stuff. The larger space on top will also allow more freedom of movement and make it a bit more comfortable for your baby.

There are up to five colors to choose from, making it much easier to find one that fits the baby’s room decor. This large selection of colors is a good idea for those parents who want everything to look nice and in place.

A waterproof changing pad that comes with the table will help to keep everything dry while you’re changing the baby. It also has safety straps added to keep your baby safe and secure on top of the table for your peace of mind.

This baby changing table complies with the ASTM safety standards to make it safe to use with your baby and around the house. It will be easy to assemble this piece of baby gear to have it ready for use in a few minutes.

You have only one height, so those taller than average will still have to face the backache. Shorter people may also have a problem with the height, which may cause the baby on top to be a bit unsafe. 

With only a low maximum load capacity, you will not be able to use it for the heavier babies out there. This also means that you can not use it for older babies even though it has ample space on top.

The robust wood construction of the table may not carry a lot of weight, but it will last for a long time.


  • There is a changing area included with this table
  • It has quite an ample space on top
  • The makers added two fixed shelves for extra storage
  • It is easy to assemble this changing table


  • You can not adjust the height of this changing table
  • It does not have a high maximum load-bearing capacity

The Modern Baby Changing Table From Badger Basket

With a modern design, this baby changing table will easily fit in any type of decor setup to improve the room’s overall aesthetics. It is not just there for display purposes. This versatile equipment is functional and will provide an excellent service to you and your baby.


You can use this baby changing table with heavier babies as there is a high load-bearing capacity of up to 30 pounds. This means you can keep on using it for longer than just the first few months of your baby to increase the fun time.

Safety rails attached on top of the table will help keep your baby safe while changing diapers. This means you do not need to use safety straps that will be in the way while getting your baby ready.

You can remove the drawers and hamper if you need to clean them or take the hamper to the laundry room. You can even interchange the drawers and hamper and put it in from the front and the back of the changing table.

The solid and durable wood frame is made to last for a long time to provide you and your baby with many happy times. It is also sturdy enough to keep your baby safe without worry that it may give and hurt your baby.

The drawers of this table are not made from solid materials, so you can not store heavy things inside them. It is a little bit difficult to open and close the drawer one by one because of the construction of the drawers.

Cleaning this changing table might become a problem if it gets dirty. You can not use it a lot after washing the fabric. This means you can only use a wet cloth and detergents to spot clean the fabric to get rid of dirt marks.

With many colors to choose from, you can use this sturdy baby changing table anywhere and for a long time.


  • It has a decent maximum bearing load
  • Safety rails added to keep baby safe
  • A durable and strong construction
  • You get a hamper with this baby changing table


  • The fabric material drawers are not super durable
  • It can only be dry washed to get to clean it

The Portable Baby Changing Table From Sweeby

Getting the diaper changed on your baby is not always an easy task, but this company provides you with a comfortable option. With the excellent design of this table, you and your baby will have fun while they grow up.


For your comfort and your baby’s safety, you have up to four different height adjustment options available. This is great for smaller and taller people, so it can be easier on your back while you change your baby.

What is also great is that you have the option to move it around on solid and sturdy castors to improve the convenience factor. The wheels are also lockable to keep the changing table secured and stop them from rolling around while you’re working with your baby.

This baby changing table has everything you want to move quickly and efficiently to another location when it comes to mobility. It is also easy to fold it up and assemble it in only a few seconds to have it ready for transport.

Durable construction and strong materials make this baby changing table strong to last for quite some time. The framework is solid and durable enough weight to keep your baby safe and hold all the things needed safely and securely.

Some may say that you pay for the best features and good quality, but not everyone has the budget for the expensive things. That is the case with this changing table from Sweeby that comes with quite a high price tag attached to it.

A bar on top of the side storage prevents you from having quick and easy access to the contents. This can be unpleasant, and people with larger hands may find it challenging to use this storage space.

Overall, with everything close at hand, the convenience factor of this table makes it worth the investment for you and your baby.


  • One can adjust the height of the table
  • You have many great features added to this changing table
  • Solid and sturdy wheels to make it easy to move around
  • It is easy to clean this baby changing table


  • It comes with a high price tag attached to it
  • The bar prevents easy access to the storage basket

The Mobile Baby Changing Table From Forstart

With this changing table, you have everything you need to make helping your baby get dressed or changing a diaper easy. This table is designed to make your baby’s life much more manageable while increasing the fun factor of baby changing.


The safety strap that comes with this baby table will help keep your baby secured on top of the table. It also has sidewalls on top with an opening for the legs so you can efficiently work safely with your baby.

It can bear up to 80 pounds on the top base of the table to make it easy to keep your baby safe. This means that you can also bathe your baby with a tub on top of the table while they are still small.

The changing area is designed to be comfortable for your baby to lay on and is made of waterproof fabric. A supportive board with a foam cushion will further increase the comfort level to make it the ideal place to change your baby.

A unique drying rack is added where you can hang clothes or a towel to get dry just beneath the top. Extra storage on the side and at the bottom makes it possible to keep everything you need for your baby close to your hand.  

The table from Forstart is not very sturdy because of the awkward design and position of the frame legs. It would be best to be careful not to use it around other kids or busy pets who might bump into it and topple the table.

The working space on top of this table is not that wide, so it will not be large enough for older babies. This means you can use this piece of baby gear for only a few years after birth.

This is a handy mobile baby changing table to have around whenever you need to change a diaper.


  • Safe to use with safety straps attached
  • Easy to assemble and fold up
  • You have a clothing drying bar on this table
  • It has a lightweight and compact design 


  • This changing table is not very sturdy on the wheels
  • It does not have a large working surface on top


Making a choice was not easy, but the portable baby changing table from Sweeby, with all the great features added, is our first choice. In second position is the sturdy portable table from Egree with a much more affordable price tag and great features with durable construction.