How to Choose a Bedside Co Sleeper for Baby – the Ultimate Guide

How to Choose a Bedside Co Sleeper for Baby
How to Choose a Bedside Co Sleeper for Baby

Co-sleeping is the term for when parents sleep with their baby in close proximity throughout the night. Many parents find this a way to get extra peace of mind, knowing that they are close to their babies at all times.

There are many types of co-sleeping, and one of the most popular is the bedside co-sleeping. In this arrangement, the baby has a crib or bassinet right at the parents’ bedside. This allows both to have separate sleeping arrangements but keeps the baby very close to the parents so they can be there for them when anything arises.

Choosing a Bedside Co-Sleeper

Choosing a bedside co-sleeper can often be a daunting decision for parents. Once you have decided to sleep near your baby, it seems like the options are endless. In this article, we will run you through some factors you should consider in choosing a high-quality bedside co-sleeper, and then give you a couple of recommendations for products we think are great. So let’s get started by outlining the factors you should be considering when choosing a bedside co-sleeper!

Qualities of a Great Co-Sleeper


A bedside co-sleeper is designed to be the safest arrangement possible while eliminating the dangers associated with bed-sharing. Bed-sharing with a baby is dangerous and not recommended. The loose sheets present a suffocating risk, and there is always the risk of someone rolling over onto the baby.

A good co-sleeper will, therefore, be safe for a baby to sleep in. This means solid and secure walls, along with a stable frame. Additionally, the mattress pad should be firm, as babies should not be sinking into their bed. Sheets on a co-sleeper should be fitted, as loose sheets provide a risk of suffocation.

Realistically, if you buy a newer model of bedside co-sleeper from a reputable source, it will be made to meet today’s safety standards. However, as a parent, it is always good to be aware of these standards so that you can create a safe environment for your baby. These safety risks present themselves in more areas than just co-sleeping, so it is good to always be aware.


A good bedside co-sleeper has been made to provide the most comfortable sleeping arrangement for your baby. This means that the best ones are highly versatile.

A good co-sleeper will be very adjustable to adjust to the height of your bed, as you likely don’t want to buy a new bed just to suit a co-sleeper! Additionally, the side walls are often adjustable to allow you to easily check on the baby during the night by leaning over, while still having sidewalls that keep the baby safe and secure.

Many co-sleepers are also lightweight and portable. This allows you to move it to different rooms around the house should you want to let your baby rest in different areas throughout the day.

As a bonus, many co-sleepers are able to transform into a crib as well. This extends the lifespan of the product and makes it so that you don’t have to buy a whole new sleeper when your baby outgrows the co-sleeping function.


Above all, you want your baby to be comfortable and able to sleep through the night (if possible!). Many bedside co-sleepers offer a variety of features to make this possible.

Of course, the mattress itself must be firm and comfortable. The sheets on a co-sleeper must be fitted as well. These will keep your baby comfortable and also safe, both of which are top priorities.

Some bedside co-sleepers even have a rocking feature that allows you to gently rock your baby to sleep. And of course, one of the main things that will keep your baby comfortable in knowing that their parents are close by!


As you can see, there are many features that go into making safe, comfortable, and versatile bedside co-sleepers. But once you start to search, you will see that the options are endless, which can be quite overwhelming as a new parent. So to make this decision easier, here are two recommendations for bedside co-sleepers that have given many parents very positive experiences:

Bedside Delight Beside Me Dreamer


This is one of the top-selling bedside co-sleepers and for good reason! It has a large list of features, top among them being that it provides a safe, secure, and comfortable area for your baby to sleep.

The product itself is quite functional. The adjustable height allows it to fit seamlessly with almost any bed size, and the adjustable side walls allow you to easily lean over and check on your baby. It is lightweight and portable should you want to move it to a different area of the house.

Finally, it has a fast assembly with no tools required! You can receive your bedside co-sleeper and have your baby sleeping comfortably in no time.

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib

Another very solid option for bedside co-sleepers. This once again offers a safe, comfortable environment for your baby to sleep, with mesh side panels for airflow and breathability.

A major bonus of this product is that it is light and foldable. This makes for high portability if you plan on traveling with your baby, or simply taking them elsewhere to get some rest.

It has all the features you would want to adjust to the height of your bed, and adjustable sidewalls to check on your baby throughout the night.

This bassinet is a great choice, and its high portability will appeal to parents on-the-go.


If you have chosen bedside co-sleeping for your baby, you can rest assured that there are many options out there to create a great sleeping environment for both your baby and yourself. Just be sure which sleeping arrangement you are most comfortable with, because at the end of the day that is the best way to create an environment that everyone is comfortable with. Once you know this, you can compare your needs to our buyer’s guide above, and we are confident you will find a co-sleeper that provides a good nights rest for all involved!