Bassinets vs. Cribs: Which One is Right for Your Baby?

If you are new to parenting, making a decision between a bassinet and a crib might be puzzling. You are not alone.

There is an ongoing debate about which one would be the best for your infant. Since newborns sleep so much in the first few months of their life, comfort and safety of their sleeping area are very important.

Both the bassinet and the crib come with some benefits and limitations. So let’s go right into it and help you choose the winner of the bassinets vs cribs battle.

Bassinets vs. Cribs: Why Should You Choose a Bassinet?

There are a few reasons why some parents prefer to use a bassinet before they get a crib for their baby. Even though it is generally understood that it comes down to personal preference, a bassinet’s features can outweigh the features of a crib.


You will notice right off the bat the size difference. Bassinets are smaller and more compact than cribs. This makes them portable and most are able to easily move from one room to another or even take it traveling.

The portability of a bassinet is one of its most important features. Some experts recommend that infants sleep in the same room with their parents, so bassinets are a very good option if you have a small bedroom. Most parents also choose to use a bassinet to keep the baby by their side at all times during the first few months.


Bassinets provide a small sleeping area for your baby. Many new parents want to keep an eye on their baby especially at night. Some studies have shown that leaving a baby unattended or sleeping on its own might result in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Although these cases are quite rare in the developed world, a research study has shown that chances of SIDS may be reduced by 50% if you always keep the baby by your side.

Another benefit of using a bassinet - it allows you to develop a very tight bond with your child. Your infant is within arms reach at night and you are able to instantly cater to their needs as soon as they start crying.


Many parents choose to use a bassinet for its size. It provides a small and cozy environment while also being portable and convenient.

Also, a bassinet might be a better option for the parents who live in a small house because it takes up much less space than a crib. Additionally, a lot of bassinets come with a removable or adjustable canopy so you can pull it over and shade your baby while they are sleeping. Some bassinets are also have adjustable height options, foldable and/or have wheels.

Ease of Use

Many parents with a newborn find it easier to use a bassinet. Some bassinets can usually sit alongside the bed, so it is convenient and easier to reach your baby. Bassinets also have much lower sides than cribs and you don’t need to lean so much when you are putting the baby to bed. Some bassinets also have additional features of rocking, soft lighting and music for your little one.

Budget and Capacity

The price is something to factor in. Bassinets are usually more budget friendly than cribs. Some bassinets cost less than $50 while cribs usually start over $150. This is big price difference when you are already buying tons of baby items for your newborn.

On the other hand, the weight capacity of bassinets is usually much lower compared to cribs. This means you can only use a bassinet in the first few months of your baby’s life, although there are models that are suitable for babies up to one year old.

Bassinets vs. Cribs: Why Should You Choose a Crib?

For some parents, the obvious winner of bassinets vs, cribs is cribs. Most usually like the fact that cribs will last longer and may offer better value for the money.


Cribs are much bigger and bulkier than bassinets. This makes them, in most cases, immobile. You may find a crib that can be movable but it won’t be able to easily take it from one room to another like you would with a bassinet. A crib also is not designed to travel or use outdoors.


Your baby might be further away from you when you place them in a crib, but this isn’t necessarily less safe. We strongly recommend a baby monitor to watch your infant in their room. Choose a firm mattress for the crib and strongly recommended to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines regarding cribs before you buy.


As we have previously mentioned, cribs are bigger than bassinets, though they come in various sizes. So even if you have a small space in your bedroom, choosing a crib that can fit should not be that difficult. There are also cribs that can change into a toddler bed over time.

Additionally, if you are blessed with twins they will be able to share a crib which should allow them to sleep better and feel more comfortable with one another.

Ease of Use

Cribs may be more difficult to use than bassinets at first. In order to place your baby in a crib or take them out, you have to lean much further to reach it. This can be especially discomforting if you are recovering from a difficult delivery or there is no one to help you with your baby. However, many cribs come with adjustable mattress height features, so you can raise and lower the platform the mattress sits on as your baby grows and your needs change.

Budget and Capacity

Most cribs have a weight capacity that can support toddlers. On average it takes babies a couple of years to outgrow a crib, unlike a bassinet which can only be used for a few months and a year at the most. So the extra cost of a crib evens out if you factor in the longer period of use. Also, some cribs can be converted into toddler and full size beds. This extends their use and gives them better value for money.


Even though getting a crib might be a good solution for some parents, you should definitely give a bassinet a try. Most parents who chose to purchase a bassinet enjoyed the rewards of keeping their newborn close and building a bond which is crucial in the first months of their life.

So one definitive winner of the bassinets vs. cribs debate are the bassinets. We can wholeheartedly recommend going with a bassinet since it gives you portability and closeness to your newborn throughout the night that is unmatched by any crib.