How to Choose the Best Bassinet Co-Sleeper: 3 Options to Consider

How to Choose the Best Bassinet Co-Sleeper
How to Choose the Best Bassinet Co-Sleeper

The practice of co-sleeping with a baby has been widely popular all over the world for countless millennia. Almost every culture opts to do so, but Americans and other Western countries have changed these practices within the past few centuries. However, more Western parents in this modern era have chosen to go back to the old ways, preferring to watch over their baby at all times of the night.

While co-sleeping can be a safe practice, the only way to keep it safe is to invest in a high-quality co-sleeper bed. Otherwise, you are practicing bedsharing which, according to pediatricians, is a dangerous idea.

You want the best for your baby, so you need to know which co-sleeper bassinets are the safest and most comfortable. Once you find one that fits most or all of the criteria, you are ready to practice safe co-sleeping and put your mind at ease.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to choose the best co-sleeper and give you some examples to help you find one that fits your baby’s needs.

What Makes for a Good Bassinet Co-Sleeper?

There are a few different factors that determine whether or not a bassinet co-sleeper is safe, comfortable, and of high quality. If you see one online that does not fit most of the criteria, it’s safer to move on for the sake of your baby’s health. These factors are:

The Use of Barriers

Barriers are crucial to the process of co-sleeping. Without them, your baby may roll over in the night. At this point, you would indeed be bedsharing instead which may cause harm to your child. Bedsharing can be fatal, so co-sleepers with at least a low barrier will prevent this situation from happening.


Some cribs and bassinets can be deadly if all sides are made of thick cloth. Babies tend to press their faces into this material, which can suffocate them. Mesh walls prevent this from happening, giving the baby plenty of room to breathe at all times.


If a co-sleeping bed does not look stable, it probably isn’t. On top of that, you should always check to see what the weight limit is for each bassinet. If your baby is heavier than the recommended limit, then you should not buy that particular co-sleeper.


Brands gain high reputations for a reason. They are popular because they are safe and effective; reviews on a product will tell you what hundreds of other parents say. Everyone’s experience may be slightly different, but a good bassinet co-sleeper is one that works for most people.

The Best Bassinet Co-Sleepers

Now that you know what constitutes a good quality bassinet co-sleeper, we’re here to show you some that check all the boxes so you and your baby can both sleep soundly.

Comfy Bumpy Bedside Crib

Comfy Bumpy Bedside Crib

This co-sleeper has it all. That is why ComfyBumpy has been steadily growing in popularity! You may become one of the hundreds of other parents that end up loving this bassinet because it has all of the following features in addition to the basic criteria:

  • Stable and rocking modes. Rocking motions help to soothe babies when they feel fussy; this co-sleeper can do both to keep your baby happy and dreaming safely instead of crying through the night.
  • You can position the bassinet at an incline to prevent acid reflux and choking, making it safer than most other models.
  • It is easily portable. We know that supervising your baby is one of your biggest concerns, so you can take your bassinet co-sleeper on trips and anywhere else you go to ensure safe co-sleeping and better rest.

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Arm’s Reach Bedside Bassinet

Arm’s Reach baby products have been making a name for themselves recently, becoming trendier on Amazon. New parents may reach for this bedside bassinet because:

  • All sides of the co-sleeper bassinet are made of mesh. As was explained before, mesh walls are safer because they help your baby breathe easier through the night no matter which way they turn.
  • This bassinet can be used up until your baby is around 5 months of age. When they begin to push up onto their hands and knees, you should stop using this bassinet because they could fall out.
  • The Arm’s Reach bassinet has side pockets for your storage needs. You can keep burp cloths, extra diapers, pacifiers, and perhaps even bottles in the pockets so you do not have to get up in the middle of the night and search the entire house for what you need.

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HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

The HALO bassinet line is wildly popular with parents and is one of the most talked-about across several mommy blogs. When you see what it has to offer, you can see why! This co-sleeper has:

  • A 360-degree swivel design. This makes moving the bassinet easy when you need to get up and out of bed. This is great for nursing parents and anyone who is recovering from a C-section.
  • A base that adjusts to the height of the bed. This is an essential feature that co-sleeping beds should have. The baby’s bed should be level with your mattress so you can see them, they can see you, and they can breathe with no obstruction from overhanging blankets.
  • A waterproof mattress. It’s no secret that babies aren’t exactly potty-trained. Nighttime accidents will happen regularly, and cleaning a soaked through mattress is no fun. This waterproof mattress ensures that the cleanup from the inevitable goes as smoothly as possible.

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There you have it! These are the three best options for bassinet co-sleepers on the market right now. They are relatively affordable, safe, and convenient for all parents. Co-sleeping can be frustrating, but not with the right bassinet. Help yourself and your baby sleep soundly; get a co-sleeper that puts you at ease.