Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light Review – Perfect at Home & Away

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light
BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

A travel crib is a great way to get your baby some play, rest, or sleep on the go! A travel crib is essentially a playard with a sleeping pad on it. This gives your baby an area to play, or comfortably rest if they want. Travel cribs are designed so that you can provide this to your baby anywhere you pleased. Just pack and go.

In this article, we will be looking at one of the top-selling travel cribs of today, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light. Does this crib live up to the hype? Read on to find out. We will give you some info about Baby Bjorn, and then give you the details of this product – including features, pros & cons, and user feedback.

Let’s see if this travel crib is the choice for you:

Baby Bjorn

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely heard of Baby Bjorn. They are a Swedish company that specializes in baby products. Their most popular product is their baby carrier, but they make many other products as well. Founded in 1961, they have become one of the most recognized names in the baby product industry.

Product Overview

If you are a new parent, the options in any given product area can be overwhelming. We think that the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is a great option.

This product was designed to give your baby a playard and give parents the ability to take it almost anywhere. Let’s look at some more features in detail:


The flagship feature of this product is portability. The entire playard actually folds up without any disassembly required. It folds into a convenient, rectangular box shape, and fits right inside a carrying case with a handle. The whole process can be done in minutes, and the product only weights 6kg. This makes it very simple to fold your playard, carry it to your destination, and unfold. The design is surely what is responsible for this product being one of the top-selling products on the market.

Play Space

Of course, none of the portability aspects would mean much if the playard itself wasn’t well designed, and luckily this one is. The playard measures in at 44 x 25 x 32 inches, providing ample space for your baby to play or rest. Its surface is a soft mattress that makes for a comfortable place for your baby to sleep.

You will find that your baby will enjoy this as a place to play or grab a nap.


The sidewalls of this product are made from a mesh material. This allows for great airflow, keeping your baby comfortable and cool. It also allows the parents with an easy way to monitor their baby at all times, as the see-through walls allow supervision from any area of the room.

Machine Washable

Another big bonus is that the mattress cover and fabric are removable and machine washable. If you are a parent, you know how big of a mess such a small person is capable of making! So the fact that you can simply remove and machine wash the most accident-prone parts of this playard is sure to be a load off your mind!

The Material

This travel cot is made of a material that has no harmful substances and is approved by Oeko-Tex standards.


Overall we think this is an excellent product, and it is easy to see why parents love it. The portability aspect is sure to draw you in. As parents know, traveling with a baby can be the most difficult part, and it is always nice when there is one less thing to worry about transporting. However, the rest of the features make for a comfortable, spacious, and safe play area for your baby.

Here is a quick list of some pros and cons of the Travel Crib Light: 


  • Great design for maximum portability. Folds easily and only 6kg
  • Spacious play area with a soft mattress to allow restful sleep
  • Mesh material allows breathability and supervision
  • Machine washable


  • Lacks the premium materials of a more permanent crib
  • Doesn’t come with a fitted sheet

What Others Have to Say

User reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive.

The majority of positive reviews echo the points made in our review. The portability features are a massive plus for parents. They really enjoy that it folds up without disassembly, and easily fits into its carrying case for transport. It gives their baby a safe, comfortable place to play while they can keep an eye on them at all times.

Negative reviews are fewer but are certainly still worth mentioning. Some parents are simply disappointed that the product doesn’t come with fitted sheets, as it can be hard to find a sheet that fits these mattresses.

Other parents didn’t like that since the playard essentially sits right on the floor, it can be difficult to constantly bend over when you want to pick up your baby. It can be a strain on your legs and back.

These were the two main issues that were brought up over a few negative reviews. The positive reviews certainly outweighed, but these issues are worth considering if they seem like a deal-breaker to you.


Overall, we love this travel crib and think it would be a great addition to your life if you are a parent on-the-go. If you like to travel a lot and you don’t like the fuss of constantly packing up and hauling things around, this could be great for you. If these don’t appeal to you, a more permanent crib might be a safer option. We highly recommend this product, but feel free to see it for yourself. Check out some user reviews and see whether this is the thing for you.