Baby Bjorn Bassinet Review for 2020

Baby Bjorn Bassinet
Baby Bjorn Bassinet

The greatest challenge for new parents is sleep—whether it means their rest (which will come in short supply) or the steps they will take to ensure their newborn is getting adequate rest. Weary mothers and fathers will try it all, from “co-sleeping” to strapping their little one into the car seat and hoping a drive around the neighborhood will lull them to sleep.

Bassinets have been a popular choice for centuries as a cozy and compact place to keep a watchful eye on your little one while she gets a good night’s sleep. Many parents opt to use a bassinet that can be kept in a master bedroom in the first few weeks or months after the baby is born (and you can read more about the benefits of bassinets here).

While it’s not unsafe to allow your newborn to sleep in a full-sized crib, many parents prefer a portable bassinet or cradle, which doesn’t seem so large and imposing in comparison to a tiny human who could be held in the palms of adult hands.

It may be tempting to use the family “heirloom” bassinet that has been passed down; however, as with any piece of baby equipment, safety should be your top concern. An older or “antique” bassinet may not be up to par when it comes to today’s safety standards. If you are ready to purchase a new bassinet, you need to look no further than the top choice among new moms and dads: the Baby Bjorn Bassinet.

Baby Bjorn: A Trusted Brand

Baby Bjorn Bassinet

Baby Bjorn, perhaps best known for its baby carriers that keep busy parents in motion, is a Swedish company that has been an innovator in baby gear for almost six decades. Offering everything from potty chairs to travel cribs, Baby Bjorn is one of the most trusted brands for all things baby and toddler.

The Baby Bjorn bassinet is one of the company’s most popular and trusted products, and we will outline its various features here.

The Baby Bjorn Bassinet: Why It’s The Best Bassinet for Your Little One


Baby Bjorn knows what new parents need in baby gear, products that are portable and lightweight yet sturdy. This bassinet weighs only 13 pounds, so even the exhausted parents can easily transport it from room to room with ease.

The bassinet was designed to gently rock your baby each time he moves (or mom and dad can rock it gently as well), and it includes a waterproof mattress. “Waterproof” is perhaps one of the most important features of any bassinet mattress, as babies can find a way to leak through even the most snugly placed diaper!

With its 31x23x26 dimensions, the bassinet can fit in narrow spaces, which is important for parents in tight quarters.


The Baby Bjorn bassinet comes with a user-friendly owner’s manual, guiding moms and dads through the simple setup process with ease. If you can install a couple of screws, you can put together a Baby Bjorn bassinet! No fumbling through tons of tiny pieces is necessary—the sleek and compact design of this product means it is a breeze to put together. (We wish we could tell you the same will hold true for the tiny play kitchen you will be assembling in a few years…enjoy the simplicity of this product while you can!)

Safety Features

When it comes to baby gear, the gold standard in safety is a Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA) certification, and you can rest assured that the bassinet comes with the JPMA seal of approval. Fabrics used in Baby Bjorn bassinets meet international safety standards for textiles as well, meaning they are gentle against your tiny one’s delicate skin. The mesh fabric sides ensure not only proper ventilation but also mean there are no hard parts of protruding objects. Additionally, that mesh creates a great level of visibility: moms and dads can sit in the recliner and see straight through the “walls” of the bassinet, without having to jump up and peek over the sides at every small chirp, sneeze or yawn.

Comfort and Durability

The fabric and waterproof mattress cover are both machine washable and can be replaced after air drying. A spring suspension system creates a gentle and smooth rocking motion. The foot grips on the bassinet ensure it stays safely in place without damaging your floors.

Baby Bjorn bassinets have a thicker mattress than many other bassinet models, offering a firm yet comfortable spot for baby to rest.


Two accessories you may want to purchase along with your Baby Bjorn bassinet are the fitted sheet and canopy.

The Baby Bjorn fitted sheet is made from soft organic cotton, which is the perfect fabric for your little one’s delicate skin. It fits snugly around the mattress and contains no harmful substances. The manufacturer recommends using a gentle detergent to machine wash the sheet in hot water.

While it’s not necessary to use the canopy, many new parents love the cozy look and feel of this accessory. The canopy reduces light, but its sheer mesh fabric also allows plenty of ventilation. Like the sheet, the canopy is made with materials free from any harmful substances, and it is also extremely easy to attach to the bassinet so that you can take it on and off with ease. The manufacturer recommends storing the canopy in its bag when it’s not in use, which will ensure it is protected from dust, pet hair, and other household debris.

Age and Weight Limits

The Baby Bjorn bassinet is intended for use from 0 to 6 months, with a weight limit of 17 pounds. Its durable construction and quality materials make it a great choice for growing families, who can use it for years as new little ones arrive.