Baby Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Bed Review

Baby sleeping in co-sleeper crib attached to parents' bed

As a parent, you will want to know that your little one gets a healthy amount of sleep. It is necessary to invest in a comfortable, secure, and high-quality crib for that to happen.

We researched the market and came across the Baby Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Bed, advertised for its versatility and timeless design. Coming in the form of a 3-in-1 portable crib, it adheres to the latest industry standards and will address the needs of newborns and toddlers.

To help you determine if it is the right product, we will go through its main features, pros, and potential downsides. Let’s get started!

Baby Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Bed Review

Manufactured by Babywombworld, a leading name for nursery products, this crib has won multiple awards for its versatile design, including the Mamamagic 2018 Best Nursery Product and Parent’s Choice. Made to offer superb comfort while ensuring safety and secureness, it is a product that your little one will enjoy.

Most importantly, converting it into a bedside sleeper, bassinet bed, or playpen is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Who is This Product for?

Given the fact that it is a 3-in-1 crib, we find it suitable for newborns and toddlers. It allows undisturbed sleep and will adhere to the needs of your little ones until they are old enough to sleep in a regular bed.

What’s Included?

Apart from the convertible crib, you also receive a carry bag and a user’s guide featuring detailed instructions on how to assemble and get the most out of this baby bedside sleeper/bassinet bed.

Overview of Features

Firstly, we want to discuss the timeless design of this Babywombworld product. It is made out of 300D Melange Fabric, which is a functional and safe choice when it comes to baby cribs. It meets several ASTM and CFR standards and has no suffocation/entrapment hazards. Thus, you can put your little ones to sleep without worrying whether they will be safe and undisturbed.

Apart from acting as a bedside sleeper, it can be converted into a bassinet bed with upper/lower sleeping levels and a depth of 300mm. The adjustability is the main factor why we consider it a perfect choice for newborns and toddlers. When your child outgrows the bassinet bed, you can convert this Babywombworld crib to a playpen that is easily accessible with various safety features.

Discussing versatile design details, it features a zipped access door in which you can store any of your toddler’s essentials. In addition to that, a pair of rolling caters improve the mobility and portability of this convertible crib. Most importantly, it works as a co-sleeper.

One of the most remarkable points is that your little one will be able to lie down and stand up without facing any common safety hazards. The only issue that we have with it is that the plastic frame doesn’t feel very strong. Still, for the reasonable price that this 3-in-1 crib comes at, it is a product that you will want to consider.

How to Use It

As mentioned above, the functionality of this product is impressive. It can be assembled as a baby bedside sleeper for newborns and transitioned into a bassinet bed or a playpen as your child grows. Most importantly, the setup is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require that you use any fancy tools. The same goes for adjusting the height of the bassinet bed and ensuring that your little one can sleep and be active in the crib without facing any of the safety risks.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Made out of premium 300D Melange fabric
  • Can be converted to a baby bedside sleeper, bassinet bed, and a playpen
  • Adheres to a variety of safety and security standards
  • Adjustable height of the bassinet bet
  • Great portability with rolling caster wheels and a carry bag


  • The plastic frame doesn’t feel strong


If for whatever reason, you don’t like the reviewed Babywombworld crib, then this Pamo Baby Deluxe Nursery Center may be a fine choice. It features a diaper table, a variety of toys, an activity center, and a bassinet bed with a memory foam sleeping mat. Simple to assemble and easy to fold, it is a compact nursey center that won’t take a lot of space.

Apart from being comfortable and versatile, it features seven strong points that enhance stability and allow you to be worry-free as your newborn or toddler is enjoying this nursery center.

Wrap Up

If you are a parent looking to invest in a multi-functional crib, then the Babywombworld Baby Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Bed is the way to go. It can be converted to address the needs of newborns/toddlers and offers industry-standard safety.