AXVUE Video Baby Monitor A242 Review

Mother is checking the baby monitor for security of the baby

Once you are a parent, you will probably be constantly worried about your child. That is OK because that is a parent’s job, so finding any tool that will help you relieve some of that stress and anxiety is a good thing. A good baby monitor is one of the tools that many parents invest in even before bringing home the child.

Having one of these in your home can afford you peace of mind as you will be able to monitor the baby without being in their room. There are many different options, though, from simple baby monitors to those that include video capabilities. Many parents choose to go with the video option to check on their children during the evening or when they’re taking a nap to ensure that they are safe and secure.

Because there is such a demand for this type of equipment, there are many options. Doing your research, we are sure you have come across the AXVUE A242 video baby monitor. This is the model that we will be doing an in-depth look at in this article in the hopes that we can help make your decision-making process that much easier.

AXVUE Video Baby Monitor A242 Review

This baby monitor comes from a company that is well known for its dedication to creating high-quality and performing video baby monitors. The A242 is designed to have a maximum range of 1000 feet and utilize high-speed digital wireless connectivity. It comes with two cameras that are fed into a large color LCD screen with high resolution. This affords the parents to monitor their child with optimal picture capabilities. 

Along with this, the unit offers room temperature detection. It does not come with an app or Wi-Fi connection, so it cannot be hacked. When it comes to sound-activating technology, it is outfitted with premium-grade components. Regarding the sound activating technology, it offers three levels of sensitivity that are customizable to your needs.

Who is this product for? 

Thanks to the high-quality components and technology included in the design of this video baby monitor, any parent would be wise to invest in it. However, because of some of the features, it will be better suited for a couple of particular types of parents and homes. 

The unit is equipped with a more significant transmission capability of up to 1000 feet. That means that this baby monitor is perfect for parents who live in a large house or a home with thick walls. Because of the transmission distance, parents that live in homes like this will have easier times receiving transmission and being able to monitor their baby.

What’s included? 

When you choose to purchase this video baby monitor, you receive the following in the box:

  • x1 4.3″ TFT LCD Monitor
  • x2 Cameras
  • User manual

Overview of Features

This system has two cameras and a high-resolution LCD screen that makes it easy to monitor your baby. On top of this, the extra-large screen being placed into a handheld design is very user-friendly. The designers of this video baby monitor understand that sometimes time is the most important thing a parent has, so they have crafted the monitor with several shortcuts. For instance, it is designed with a one-key-fast operation so that you can get to monitoring your child and ensuring their safety as fast as possible.

Many monitors come simply with one camera. This model comes with two different cameras that allow you to easily monitor your baby and switch between cameras to ensure that you’re able to monitor them even when they’re up and moving. Speaking of being able to monitor them at all times, the unit is crafted with a daytime and nighttime vision capability that utilizes six infrared LEDs. This allows the parent to monitor the child up to 30 feet away from the camera.

The camera is designed to be energy efficient as well. It can turn itself off but don’t worry, as soon as it hears any noise from the room, the screen will automatically turn on. That is because it is designed with three different sensitivity levels when it comes to sound. So you can see there are a lot of great features that come designed into the unit.

Everything from the exceptional battery life to the enhanced transmission range, this video baby monitor is an excellent investment. It’s easy to set up and super user-friendly and offers features like night vision which not all baby monitors offer. That being said, some have had issues with the quality of the monitor itself. But those are few and far between, and all of the other notable features make this monitor’s value well worth the price tag.

How to Use It 

When you’re getting ready to install this video baby monitor, you’ll want to understand everything about the product. That includes the specifications and the installation process. To give you a better look at that, we have found this fantastic video from the company’s YouTube channel.


So if you’re a little worried about the quality or are looking for something that offers even more features, you might want to look for an alternative. Luckily, we have found one that offers a high-quality display and extended range and a few other features that could tip the scale.

Vtech VM321

The VM321 offers the same transmission range of up to 1000 feet and comes with a high-quality display. Though the display is smaller than the model we’ve been looking at, it offers two-way talk and infrared night vision. 

This model really shines because it can support up to four different cameras as opposed to the two that come with the model we’ve been looking at. On top of that, it is outfitted with soothing lullabies that can help your child sleep and be used in three different languages. All of this makes it a great alternative to the A242.


If you live in a large home, it might be challenging to monitor your child when you get some stuff done continually. So investing in a baby monitor that offers a long-distance transmission can be an excellent investment. 

That’s why this model is such a great option and one that we highly suggest you consider when you’re narrowing down your choices for the best video baby monitor for you and your home.